We have long and meaningful relationships with our growers, farmers and suppliers – 50 years
long with our olive growers and over 30 with our basil farmers.
And there are a few handfuls of people who’ve worked at Sacla’ for over 30 years too.
We support food banks and charities within our local community.
Wherever we can.
And whenever is needed.
Each year we help to support a couple of students through their university years studying food
related subjects.
They come to us for work experience in their holidays.
And may even join our team after graduation. Amber graduated in 2020 and joined our busy
technical team.


By 2023 we will be supporting six students all together in their further education.
People matter.
And there’s more about people matters. Click read more to continue.
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Our CEO is a woman and she leads a team which is half female.
7 women hold prominent positions in Human Resources, Administration, Marketing, Sales,
Research & Development and Quality Assurance.
60% of our managers are female.
Over the years, Saclà has hired workers from many different countries including Morocco, China,
Albania, Senegal, Moldova, Romania, Macedonia, Tunisia, Serbia.
We welcome weekly school visitors to our manufacturing sites.
We have apprenticeship programmes for secondary school students.
Every year, we spend more than 3,000 hours training our entire workforce.
Over the years, Saclà has built up a very important system of corporate welfare, and all the staff
have flexible benefits including: vouchers and fuel coupons, scho,ol books for children, school
and summer camp tuition, season pass and travel subsistence, health and dental expenses.
We have been working with our basil supplier, the Amateis family, for over 30 years and with our
olive suppliers for almost 50 years.
We work with many charities and foodbanks on national and local levels.
Our Scholarship Programme in the UK (delivered by Working Options) sponsors 2 students each year
in their full time education. See links below for more information.
We work with local schools, colleges and universities to support various teaching modules and
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