The Cipriani Collection

The Cipriani family first opened the doors of their famous Harry's Bar in Venice in 1931 and since then has earned world fame for warm and generous hospitality, exquisite pasta and the classic Bellini cocktail, invented by Giuseppe Cipriani in 1948 to celebrate peace and freedom. 

Cipriani FAQ's

What is Cipriani Bellini?

Cipriani Bellini is an iconic cocktail invented by Giuseppe Cipriani in Harry’s Bar, Venice in 1948 to celebrate post war peace and freedom. It is the perfect balance of white peach purée and Prosecco. Since that time, Cipriani Bellini has become famous and is served in Cipriani restaurants around the world.

Is Cipriani Bellini alcoholic?

The Original Cipriani Bellini cocktail is made with fresh white Italian peach purée and Prosecco. It has an ABV of 5.5%. We also have Cipriani Bellini non-alcoholic - our Cipriani Virgin Bellini, which is made with fresh white peach purée and sparkling mineral water, it has the same delicate taste and fruity fragrance without any alcohol.

Did Cipriani invent the Bellini?

Giuseppe Cipriani invented the Original Bellini cocktail in Harry ‘s Bar, Venice in 1948.
He named the Bellini cocktail in honour of the famous Italian Renaissance painter, Giovanni Bellini. You can buy Cipriani Bellini from our online store here it comes in beautiful eau de nil coloured Cipriani Bellini bottles - 750ml for pouring and 200ml single serve.

How to cook Cipriani Spaghetti?

Cipriani Spaghetti is an organic artisanal pasta, made with the best durum wheat from Puglia and cold pressed in time honoured tradition. It is slightly thicker than other spaghetti brands and cooks in 12 minutes to be eaten perfectly al dente. Also in this organic durum wheat pasta range we have Cipriani Rigatoni, Fusilli and Penne.

What is Cipriani Tagliolini?

Tagliolini is a very delicate, thin pasta that cooks in only a few minutes and is best eaten perfectly al dente. It is made to a unique Cipriani pasta recipe – 1kg of the best quality durum wheat semolina and 7 fresh eggs processed with precision and patience through 80 folding steps and 14 hours of drying. We offer a whole range of Cipriani spinach pasta including Cipriani Tagliolini with spinach. Served with a cheese and ham sauce it is a classic dish from Harry’s Bar in Venice.