When it comes to breakfast in Italy, anything goes – yes, even biscuits! Morning coffee accompanied by a sweet treat is a time-honoured ritual. And in the early 20th century in a little bar in Siena: Guido Nannini made it iconic. Today, Nannini is one of the finest purveyors of coffee and biscuits in Italy. Hailing from Tuscany – among the greatest foodie regions of the world – they've been brewing and baking for more than a century now. Their coffee is roasted according to its origin, in a celebration of the aroma and flavour of each bean. The accompanying biscuits are still made to a traditional recipe, with almonds in abundance. There is no mistaking that Nannini's coffee and biscuits offer a quintessential taste of Italy. One sip, two bites and you're transported to sunny, sweet scented Siena.