Our Planet

Basil fields in Italy

Our Planet

The devil’s in the detail

The Italian sunshine powers our kitchens and production lines. The solar panels located on the roofs were first installed in 2010 and have since produced over a million KW hours every year.

Our vegetables are grown and ripened under the Italian sun, in season wherever possible.

And any waste from the vegetables is used to produce green energy

We’re measuring our carbon footprint

Working with Eaternity we’ve measured the carbon footprint of our Pesto sauce.  It gives us a starting point and we’ll be working to improve our impact in every way that we can www.eaternity.com

Our jars travel by sea

Our little jars travel by sea in the first instance. We have teams in Italy and the UK who are determined to find the best ways to import everything that’s made in Italy. 

We use clean green lorries

The lorries we use to move our little jars around the UK once they’ve arrived here from Italy, use the cleanest greenest technology we can find. 

They all have the latest predictive controls to protect the environment as they roll.

And our drivers are trained using microlise scoring so that…

We’re trialling electric tractors for urban deliveries, and embracing every suitable new idea

Our packaging is all recyclable

All our packaging is recyclable and wherever it can be it’s made with recycled materials

Our jars are 15% recycled glass. Our lids are 15% recycled metal, and our cardboard trays are at least 40% recycled material.

We’ve trialling various schemes to remove the protective shrink-wrap from our shipping trays to further reduce our use of plastic.

We hate to waste food

Our Pesto comes in different shapes and sizes of households, big or small

We love to dream up uses for Pesto left in the bottom of the jar and for the repurposing of the jars themselves

Did you know that a pour of olive oil over any Pesto left in the jar will help keep it perfectly fresh in the fridge? And it freezes well too.


Our Physical Health & Well-being

The Mediterranean diet is the best

The Mediterranean diet is well known to be the healthiest in the world and all our products are based on its key principles

Our websites, loaded with recipes for affordable, healthy and fabulous meals all based on the Italian way of life, gets thousands of visitors every week.

It’s all about balance

Our products are made with care, flair and love, in Italy, by Italians, for Italians. 

We balance the principles of the Mediterranean diet in every recipe and the recipe inspiration we share.

There’s a Pesto for everyone

Everyone loves choice… and some people don’t have a choice. So we make a whole range of recipes to suit various lifestyles including organic, vegan, vegetarian, reduced fat and free from (over half of our recipes are purely plant based).

We also offer various formats and sizes designed to minimise food waste.

Nutritional expertise in-house

Our in-house nutritionist shares sage advice to help us all enjoy the joy of the Mediterranean diet. She offers practical advice to our teams, creates recipes and helpful tips for our consumers and has a watchful eye on the products we’re getting ready to launch here in the UK.

Being well and well-being

We support out teams with all sorts of initiatives so that we are all thrive and flourish. That ranges from nutritional to medical support; coaching, learning and development opportunities to yoga and mindfulness.

We love our thrive programme

Insights discovery

Workplace happiness…

Recipes for students starting out

We support students of all ages- it’s never too late to get cooking… or too early for that matter.

We work regularly with Mob Kitchen to help young professionals cook on a budget through videos and cookalongs.

We’ve put together an e-collection of recipes specifically designed for younger people living away from home for the first time.

And there are numerous recipes on our website to help everyone prepare food with the flavours and joy of Italy as they feel inspired.

Our People

More about people matters here

Family owned and run business

Our founding grandparents started the business in 1939 and we’ve been run by the same Italian family for over 3 generations.  Their granddaughter Chiara, is at the helm these days. 

Family values at our heart

We work with charities and food banks, locally and nationally to offer help and support where it’s needed.

We support our teams with well-being initiatives and family friendly practices and policies.

We invest in training and developing our teams, sharing our knowledge and expertise with students of every age.

It’s better together

We work together in our shared goals and objectives, and gather together around a table to share great ideas and food together-that food is joy is another strong belief of ours!

The same growers, farmers and suppliers for decades

We value long and established relationships with all sorts of people, for all sorts of reasons

The Amateis family have grown our basil for over 30 years.

We work with the same olive suppliers that we did more than 50 years ago.

Our UK based logistics partners have been working with us since we first brought Pesto to the UK.

And we have some very loyal serving members of the team who have been pioneering Pesto a long time!

Everyone is welcome

Our colleagues come from all over the world and we celebrate this diversity.

We are led by a number of women in prominent positions – actually, more than half our managers are female. Because they’re good at what they do…

We sponsor students through university

Our first sponsored student, Amber, graduated in 2020 and now works with us.

She’s still studying and we are so delighted to be sponsoring this next stage of her education. 

There are 3 student ambassadors in our class of 2021, each assigned a mentor and all getting work experience with us in their holidays. 

We are so delighted to sponsor students in their full time education. Our initiative is delivered by Working Options…