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Italian food is deliciously simple, which is why we work with big and small students of all ages
so they can learn and share the joy of putting a healthy and well-balanced plate of food on the
We should all be curious and it’s never too late to learn!
For getting the most out of your food, it’s rewarding, we find.
Our in-house nutritionist loves to share her knowledge of the Mediterranean diet.
And her thoughts on healthy planning and eating.
Over recent years, we’ve expanded our range of products, so there’s something for every diet
and lifestyle.
And now our vegan, free from and reduced fat recipes are firm favourites around dinner tables
up and down the country.


We know that students live on Pesto and so we are keen to help people leaving home for the
first time to look after themselves well in the kitchen.
And the best part is that no matter who you are, or what you do, looking after yourself can be
delicious fun, however the mood takes you.
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Our in-house nutritionist supports consumers in learning about the benefits of the
Mediterranean Diet, and offers practical tips, recipes and advice to help to transform food lives.
We are developing a selection of recipes to encourage students to prepare affordable, healthy
and delicious meals and teach them about the benefits of the Mediterranean Diet.
We are working with MOB Kitchen, to help students and young professionals prepare
restaurant-quality meals on a budget through videos, cook-alongs.
We are working hard on various salt, sugar, and fat reduction plans.
We want to offer our consumers as many healthy choices as possible, so we have Organic,
Vegan and Reduced Fat Pesto Sauces.
Over half our products are suitable for Vegans.
Our website attracts thousands of visitors every week, people who are looking for healthy meal
inspiration, and we offer easy to follow recipes for every occasion.
Our teams are encouraged to find a healthy and happy work-life balance and we have many
family friendly policies.
Our teams are supported with well-being initiatives so that we all thrive and flourish. Examples
include yoga, nutrition, medical support, and coaching, learning and development opportunities.
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