We're immensely proud to have partnered with The Natasha Allergy Research Foundation to help fund their work to Make Allergy History, as we use allergens in our famous Pesto sauces.

Natasha's Foundation was set up by Tanya and Nadim Ednan-Laperouse following the tragic death of their daughter Natasha in 2016. They successfully campaigned for 'Natasha's Law' which now requires all food outlets to provide full ingredient lists with clear allergen labelling on food pre-packed for direct sale.

In addition to other fundraising activities, we'll be donating one penny from every jar of Sacla' Pesto we sell in the UK over the next three years.

Please help us reach our target of half a million pounds!

Together We Can Make Allergy History
Our donation target is £500,000 – help us get there!
Focused on research, changing laws and education
The bigger the army the stronger the voice
Breakthrough Charity of the Year 2022
1p - Sacla'
Make a donation and change the future
Our Partnership

Nadim, Natasha’s father, says 'We're delighted that Sacla' are joining us in the fight to Make Allergy History by funding our work in education and research. Every individual has the right to feel and be safe in their environment, be that home, school, work or out and about with friends and family.'

What is Natasha's Law?

After a continuous fight by Natasha’s family to change food regulations, Natasha’s Law came into effect on October 1st 2021 and now requires all food outlets to provide full ingredient lists with clear allergen labelling on pre-packed food for direct sale.

The Natasha Clinical Trial

Natasha’s Foundation is funding a clinical trial that aims to prove that everyday foods instead of expensive pharmaceutical drugs can be used as a practical treatment. If it's successful, this trial will empower the NHS to provide this treatment to people in the country living with food allergies.

This three-year oral immunotherapy trial (OIT) is the first major study funded by
The Natasha Allergy Research Foundation. If this trial is successful, participants with persistent food allergies will be able to live lives where they no longer have to live in fear, and can enjoy eating with family and friends without the worry that food allergies bring.

Together we can make allergy history

Every jar of Pesto you buy is a step closer to help Make Allergy History.