Italian food is deliciously simple, which is why we work with big and small students of all ages so they can learn and share the joy of putting a healthy and well-balanced plate of food on the table. We should all be curious and it’s never too late to learn! About getting the most out of your food. It’s rewarding, we find. Our in-house nutritionist loves to share her knowledge of the Mediterranean diet. And her thoughts on healthy planning and eating. Over recent years, we’ve expanded our range of products, so there’s something for every diet and lifestyle. And now our vegan, free from and reduced fat recipes are firm favourites around dinner tables up and down the country.

We nourish so we flourish
We nourish so we flourish
Being well and well-being
The Mediterranean diet is the best
It_s_All_About_Balance - Sacla'
There's a Pesto for everyone
Our nutritional expert - Roberta
Our nutritional expert- Roberta
Recipes for students
Recipes for students
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Classic Basil Pesto

Every little jar of our Pesto is made with more than one hundred Italian basil leaves.
Brought together with Pine nuts, oil, Grana Padano & Pecorino cheese.
And the care, flair and love of our Italian family.

Our In-house Nutritionist Roberta

Our in-house nutritionist Roberta, supports consumers in learning about the benefits of the Mediterranean Diet, and offers practical tips, recipes and advice to help to transform food lives. Here are Roberta's top tips and heathy recipe recommendations...