We Italians are well known for enjoying sweet treats, and much of that is to do with growing up with Leone's beautiful treats. Travel to any Italian city and you're sure to stumble across a confectionery store peddling a dizzying array of sweets, caramels and chocolates, some worthy of Willy Wonka himself. There's no one as happy to cater to Italians' delight for candy as Leone. A Turin landmark since 1857, Leone is an authentic confectioner who are just as popular today as they were two centuries ago. They still produce all their original sweets – from jellies to fondants – under one roof, in a delightful shop in Collegno, on the outskirts of the city.

The brand's mark, Marca Leone, has become synonymous with skill, style and excellence. Leone's pastel-hued boxes, packed to the brim with fruity treasures, transport you to Italy's golden beaches, ripe orchards and dappled forests with just a bite. It's time to go on an adventure…

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