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I Cagliaritani

For an authentic taste of Italy's famous la cucina povera ('the cooking of the poor'), head to the rugged hills of Sardinia. Across the Tyrrhenian Sea from Naples, this Mediterranean island has preserved many of its humble (but exceptional) traditional foods. This makes it one of the most fascinating destinations among Italy's many foodie meccas, and the pastas of I Cagliaritani are some of its greatest treasures.

I Cagliaritani are true artisans; founded in 1963, their passion for preserving traditional pasta is unrivalled. Alongside quintessential Sardinian pasta types made using locally grown and milled grains, I Cagliaritani are also experts in traditional bronze-cast and extruded pasta. Made at lower temperatures to retain more of the flavour of the grain, bronze pasta dries with a unique rough texture, perfect for clinging to sauces.


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