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D. Barbero

D. Barbero

To create their exquisite chocolates and torrone, D. Barbero has spent decades researching the finest ingredients, building on traditional family recipes, and constantly innovating in the hunt for perfection.

On our travels, scouring Italy for something sweet, we were looking for nothing less than confectionery perfection. That search for the richest chocolate and finest nougat came to a beautiful end in Asti, when we met the Barbero family.

From the outside, the old bicycle factory that is D. Barbero’s home, is nothing unusual. But inside, it’s another story and an absolute heaven for anyone with a sweet tooth - and there’s so much award winning confectionery to choose from. 

Walls with stories

Today, D. Barbero is owned by Davide. As you first walk into the factory, there’s a small museum explaining how his family’s story started in 1883. On the stairs hangs an impressive portrait of his beloved grandfather, Giovanni Gerbi, the cyclist nicknamed the Red Devil. Perhaps his success was fuelled by nougat? And if not, by chocolate?

There’s even a permanent line on the wall, a poignant reminder of the flood water level in the devastating storm of November 1994. All of the confectionery prepared for Christmas that year was completely destroyed – they had to start from scratch to complete orders in time.

Where the magic happens

The upper floors of the building are home to shining copper bowls. They’re full of honey, egg whites, almonds and local hazelnuts mixed and stirred into a pearly and fragrant sticky mass.

The kitchens are bright and busy and the aroma of roasting nuts fills the air. But it’s also quiet – you can sense the concentration. D.Barbero never takes shortcuts – after their torroncini is steamed for 7 hours, it’s shaped, cut and cooled on marble tables by hand.

Seven generations

Seven generations of the Barbero family have poured their heart and soul into making these delicious traditional chocolates and nougat. We’re so pleased to have found them on our travels, and are delighted that both their treats and traditions will continue to bring Italian joy for many generations to come.