Our planet


The Italian sunshine helps power the production lines in our kitchens, and any leftover vegetables we have are used to make biofuel which also powers the lines.

Our packaging is made with recycled materials and it’s all recyclable. We’re always looking for ways to reduce it further.

Every little jar is made in Italy and then arrives here in the UK by train, mainly. Our products travel around this country on lorries using the cleanest, greenest technology we can find.

And all our company cars are electric and our office has power points for visitors to use too.


We’re working with Eaternity to truly understand the environmental footprint of our Pesto sauce, which we’ll be sharing in 2021.

We’ll keep working on packaging reduction and hope to remove all single use plastic from our products in the near future.

We all know we’ve got to reduce the amount of food we waste.

For all sorts of reasons.

But there’ll always be some, and so here are our thoughts to make sure we get the most out of our food, financially and nutritionally.

All whilst treading lightly in the kitchen and on our planet, of course.

If you’re still curious, you’ll find more about our activities below.