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Fiery Chilli Pesto Turkey Toastie with Stuffing and Mozzarella

Fiery Chilli Pesto Turkey Toastie with Stuffing and Mozzarella

This is a turkey sandwich but not as you know it. This one has attitude. Fresh sourdough bread with a generous layer of Fiery Chilli Pesto over cooked turkey, stuffing and mozzarella and then toasted until the cheese is all oozy and melty. Perfect at midday and midnight!
Profile Serves: 1
Icon/Time On the table in: 15 mins
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Buon Appetito


  • 2 slices sourdough, lightly toasted
  • ¼ jar Sacla’ Fiery Chilli Pesto (depending on how hot you like it)
  • Few slices Mozzarella
  • Handful watercress or wild rocket leaves
  • Leftover stuffing
  • 3 slices leftover cooked turkey


1. Preheat the grill to hot. Spread the bottom slices of toast with some Sacla’ Fiery Chilli Pesto, then top with Mozzarella, sit them on a baking sheet and put them under the grill until the Mozzarella begins to ooze and melt.
2. Remove from the grill, then top with watercress, stuffing and turkey and spoon over the remaining Fiery Chilli Pesto.
3. Top each one with the toast top, and slice in half to serve.
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