Italian Christmas Food

Give the true taste of Italy this Christmas with our hand-selected range of artisan festive food, perfect for gifting or treating yourself. From antipasti to chocolates, Panettone to grissini and elegant bottles of olive oil – discover beautiful presents they’ll love to unwrap and devour.

Italian Christmas Gifts

Italian Christmas foods are one of the most popular festive gifts for friends and family. At Sacla' in have a range of Italian food and drink favourites like Panettone, Italian wines and sweet treats, there is something for everyone. We also have the best selection of luxurious Italian Christmas Hampers, all available with gift messages and free delivery – across the UK.  

Italian Food is such a popular cuisine around the world that it makes the perfect gift for all food-lovers. There are gift ideas galore! Choose a beautifully wrapped Panettone, elegant bottle of extra virgin olive oil, jars of antipasti and tins of creamy Italian chocolate and fruit jellies. There really is something for everyone this Christmas! 

Send Italian Christmas Food Presents

Christmas really is the time for giving and sending an Italian Christmas food present to friends and family will truly deliver happiness. In this range you’ll also discover fine Italian red, white and sparkling wines and digestivi. From Sparkling Prosecco, to a juicy red Chianti, and dry citrussy Gavi di Gavi, Italian’s have a bounty of the world’s best wines to choose from. Their famous Limoncello from the Amalfi coast and almond-flavoured Amaretto are welcome additions to a Christmas gift box too.  

Italian Food Gifts for employees and clients 

The perfect corporate gift has a personal touch but doesn’t put you to the trouble of choosing each individually! Go for popular choices, and nothing is more popular and widely appreciated than Italian food and drink. Italian Christmas hampers are a sure-fire favourite with selections of Panettone, Italian chocolates and wine and digestivi such as Limoncello and Amaretto. With choices at every price range, you’ll find perfect gifts to fit your budget. Sweet treat hampers make perfect employee gifts that can be shared with family. And our Olivieri Panettone and Acquesi Moscato d’Asti hamper is the perfect pairing and bound to make the right impression with clients. If you’re looking for something a little different, try flavoured Panettone pairings like  Agrumato Panettone and red wine. Visit our Corporate gifting page for larger, wholesale and bulk orders. 

A Truly Italian Festive Feast 

Italian Christmas cuisine is an exciting fusion of tradition, regional diversity, and centuries-old customs. Italians place immense importance on family gatherings during the holiday season, and their festive feasts reflect this sense of togetherness. While the specific dishes can vary from one region to another, there are some staples that grace most Italian tables over Christmas-time.  

One of the most iconic Italian Christmas dishes is the Panettone cake. This sweet, dome-shaped bread, studded with candied fruits and raisins, is a beloved symbol of the season. It's often enjoyed as a dessert or a special breakfast treat, typically served with a glass of sparkling wine, such as Moscato or Prosecco. Panettone, from traditional to flavoured, and wrapped so elegantly, make the perfect Christmas gift for hosts.  

Another popular festive dessert is Pandoro Cake, a golden, star-shaped cake dusted with powdered sugar. It’s often served with a warm zabaglione sauce, adding a creamy contrast to its airy texture. 

Finally, Panforte is a dense, chewy dessert hailing from Siena. It's packed with nuts, candied fruit, and spices, offering a sweet and spicy contrast that's perfect for the festive season.

Christmas Foods From Italy

Despite these regional differences, what unites Italians during Christmas is their deep-rooted sense of tradition, the joy of gathering with loved ones, and the pleasure of savouring delicious food together. Italian Christmas cuisine is a true celebration of flavours, family, and the spirit of the season.

Italian Christmas Food FAQs

What do Italians eat for dinner on Christmas Day?

Christmas dinner often begins with a variety of antipasti, or appetizers including cured
meats (prosciutto, salami), cheeses, olives, marinated vegetables, and bruschetta.

This leads onto first course, or Primi Piatti, typically consists of a pasta dish.

Popular choices include lasagna, cannelloni, or tortellini served in a broth.

In some regions, you might find risotto prepared with seasonal ingredients.

Main course, Secondi Piatti often includes roasted or braised meats.

Roast lamb, roast pork, or stuffed poultry like capon or turkey are common choices. These are served with Contorni – side dishes roasted vegetables, sautéed greens, or a variety of salads. Roasted potatoes seasoned with rosemary and garlic are a favourite

Desserts, or Dolci play a central role in Italian Christmas dinners. Traditional sweets like Panettone,
Panforte and Pandoro are often served, along with a variety of
homemade treats. Plates of dried fruits, candied fruit and nuts are also common. These are served with Vin Santo, a sweet dessert wine that pairs beautifully
many Italian Christmas sweets.
After the meal, espresso is a must for many Italians. It's often followed by a selection of liqueurs, including Grappa, Limoncello, and Amaro.

What is a traditional Christmas gift in Italy?

In Italy, Christmas is a time for giving and receiving gifts, and the choice of gifts often reflects the country's rich culture and traditions. Here are some
traditional Italian Christmas gifts:

Artisanal Food and Wine - Italy is renowned for its culinary traditions, so it's common to give high-quality food and wine as gifts. This can include bottles of Italian wine, olive oil, balsamic vinegar, or specialty pasta. Panettone and Pandoro, traditional Christmas cakes,
are also popular gifts.

Gift Baskets - Italian gift boxes and hampers, often filled with a
selection of gourmet food items, chocolates, and wines, are a
versatile and well-received gift option.

Cooking and Kitchenware - For those who enjoy cooking Italian cuisine, quality
kitchen gadgets like pasta-makers, cookware, or specialty ingredients like
truffle oil or saffron can be thoughtful gifts.

Can I send to more than one address in an order?

Yes! Sacla’ multi-address delivery allows you to send to all your friends, family, clients and employees from one order. Simple add an address, personal message
and select your preferred delivery.

Can I order now for Christmas delivery?

Yes, simply place your order, selecting Christmas delivery, and we will deliver your items, including pre-order items in early/mid December.