There’s vinegar. Then there’s balsamic vinegar of Modena. The decadent syrup is revered across Italy, especially in its home region of Emilia-Romagna, where we source our products.

The Manicardi vineyard is a labour of love built by Enzo and his family in the hills near Modena. Using traditional methods, they age the grape must in casks of different woods, including chestnut, oak, cherry, mulberry and juniper. The resulting vinegars are hugely complex – great for a thoughtful gift, but don’t forget to buy some for yourself too.

Younger, thinner vinegars make an ideal salad dressing. The older, denser products are perfect for drizzling over cheeses, meats, even fruit or ice cream.

We’ve worked hard to develop a great selection to enhance your favourite recipes. You’ll find a range of different vinegars suitable for different occasions – all made with the expertise and passion of the Manicardi family.