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Parmesan Pesto Fried Eggs

Parmesan Pesto Fried Eggs

Pesto, parmesan, avocado and eggs – what’s not to like?
Profile Serves: 1
Icon/Time On the table in: 10 mins
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Buon Appetito


1 medium ripe avocado, halved & stoned

4 rounded tbsp./30g Parmesan, finely grated

1 egg

¼ jar Sacla’ Vegan Tomato Pesto

1 small gluten-free wrap

Salt & pepper to taste


  1. Roughly mash the avocado in a bowl.
  2. In a cold, medium-sized non-stick frying pan make a circle of cheese about 4cm in from the edges, leaving an empty space and enough room for the egg in the middle.  
  3. Place over a moderate heat and cook for about 2 minutes until bubbling and starting to colour. Crack the egg into the middle. Cook for about 2 minutes, then when the white is set, drizzle over the Sacla’ Vegan Tomato Pesto. It’s ready when the cheese is crisp and golden, and the egg yolk is still runny.
  4. Use a spatula to gently loosen and prise the cheese and egg from the pan.
  5.  Warm the gluten-free wrap, spread with avocado, top with the egg, season, and serve.
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