White Truffle Season

These misty, Autumnal days mark the truffle season in our home region of Piemonte, where it is a particularly good and plentiful year for this gastronomically prized and revered fungus. This is thanks to heavy rain. Winter white truffles are extremely scarce, and because they are impossible to cultivate, they are hunted in the wild by men and their highly trained little dogs. This year you can expect to pay considerably less than last year - so it’s the perfect time to enjoy fresh truffles shaved on delicious egg pasta, lightly fried eggs and risotto bianco. Restaurants will typically charge about £10 a gram, and a good serving is about five grams in total. The season is very short lived - about 6-8 weeks long, although Sacla’ Truffle Pesto allows you to indulge all year round. Click on the images below to try our delicious recipes for Truffle Pesto.

Truffle Parmesan Straws & Truffle Pesto Tagliatelle

Truffle Pesto Parmesan Straws   Truffle Pesto tagliatelle          1.1.11_Truffle_Hero