Arborio Risotto Rice 500g by Riso Margherita


After over 18 stages of carefully supervised processing, the Tenuta Margherita Arborio rice is just about the best that you can get, within Italy or without. This grain is usually the go-to choice for risotto, but there are actually many different types of risotto rice. Just like with choosing a pasta shape, it’s important to pair the grain to the recipe. Arborio has a balanced flavour and its big, pearly grains expand when cooking – which means it’s ideal for rich, creamy risotto.

Ingredients & Nutrition

Arborio rice (100%)

Typical Nutritional Values per 100g: Energy 1480kJ/353kcal, Fat 0.8g, Of which Saturates 0.1g, Carbohydrates 78.5g ,Of which Sugars 0.5g, Fibre 2.8g, Protein 6.8g, Salt 0.0g

More Details

Net Quantity: 500g e

Storage Instructions: Keep in a cool dry place, at a temperature below 18°C (64,4°F)

Supplier Address: Riso Margherita s.r.l., 13034 Desana, Vercelli-Italy. 

Instructions for use: Hob.Time: 16 mins. Consume after cooking.