'Black pearls,' 'underground empress,' 'the diamonds of the kitchen', truffles are one of the most prized ingredients, partly because of their amazing complexity and depth of flavour, and also because they're incredibly difficult to find, and almost impossible to farm. 


That's why we've been working with the Inaudi family - master truffle hunters from the Piedmont region of Northern Italy. They've been collecting these treasures for almost a century now, and they know truffles like no-one else. They love to experiment, creating truffle oils, sauces, and even pasta. And all while placing the amazing, characteristic truffle at centre stage. 


Truffles add depth and strength to any Italian dish. If you're looking for an earthy flavour to flavour bomb your recipe, try our Black Truffle and Mushroom sauce. If it's a more subtle flavour you're after try out olive oil infused with truffle.