Vinegar, but not like you know it. The Milano family draw on over 130 years of vinegar making experience to present their DETOx range – vinegars that taste great, and are good for you too.

This unique range has plenty of health benefits. Alongside vinegar’s natural ability to regulate blood sugar and even promote weight-loss, the DETOx range is made using Andrea Milano’s Mother of Vinegar. That means they’re packed full of probiotics to help promote a healthy digestive system. Every bottle is fermented right here in Italy, and is made using locally sourced fruit, like the famously sweet apples from the Trentino Alto Adige region. Plus, they are all organic, raw, unpasteurized and unfiltered, so you get all of the natural goodness in every drop!

Of course, if drinking vinegar isn’t quite for you, these exciting new recipes are a perfect dressing for salads, cheese, and any dish that needs just a little extra oomph. From a light, sweet apple cider vinegar infused with turmeric and cinnamon, to fruity and totally unique Pomegranate vinegar, to an earthy Balsamic Vinegar – the only Balsamic Vinegar in the world to include the Mother.