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Winter Waltz Cocktail with Cipriani Amaro

Winter Waltz Cocktail with Cipriani Amaro

Warm up a winter evening with this herbaceous blend of Amaro, an artichoke liqueur from Venice, twirled and swirled with a cinnamon stick.
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Buon Appetito


25 ml Cipriani Amaro 7 Parti

50 ml rye

15 ml allspice syrup

Dash of orange bitters

For the syrup

1 tbsp allspice berries, crushed

Pared zest of a lemon

50g caster sugar

50 ml water

To garnish

Cinnamon stick


  1. Make the syrup. Put the ingredients in a small pan and allow the sugar to melt over a low heat then bubble until syrupy. Stand to cool and infuse and then strain.
  2. To a jug or cocktail shaker full of ice add the amaro, rye, 15 ml of syrup and a dash of bitters. Stir for 2 minutes with a cinnamon stick then strain into a glass with ice. Garnish with the cinnamon stick and serve.
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