The Mighty Panettone

type:Italian Know-how

Who would have thought it? Panettone  outsells Christmas Puddings in shops, which underlines our on-going love affair with all things Italian.

Panettone has been around since the Middle Ages and is a light (well, lighter than figgy pudding at least) buttery cake with raisins, citrus peel and spices. A really good one takes about three days to make, starting with a sour-dough mother yeast. We've seen some wonderful new recipes on the shelves, from chocolate to caramel and pistachio to Prosecco.

And if, only if, you should have any of this delicious cake left over after your Christmas Day festivities, try using it in a whole host of recipes, be it toasted on Boxing Day morning or in a comforting Panettone and Butter Pudding.

Our favourite Panettone comes from Sal de Riso.