Find the perfect Father’s Day present for your Papa – take our quiz!

Find the perfect Father’s Day present for your Papa – take our quiz!

Forget socks! At Sacla’ we’ve got so many tasty Father’s Day Gift Box and hamper ideas for dads, stepdads, grandads to say thanks for being simply brilliant. We’ve travelled the length of Italy, from top to toe, to bring you the very best artisan produce - the finest Italian wine, antipasti and chocolate.

But what to choose?

Our special Father’s Day collections and a mini quiz will help you choose the perfect present for your Dad. Are you ready?

Q1. At summer parties, your Dad is:

a) Super-organised, with the right wines and drinks to match the menu

b) BBQ king, apron on with tongs in hand, marinating steaks and sausages

c) Host with the most, chatting with his friends and a lovely glass of red

Q2. Dad’s favourite night in is:

a) Creating a big family sharing platter, gogglebox-style

b) A takeaway – the hotter, the better!

c) Feet up with a quality red wine, boxset and box of chocolates

Q3. Which describes your Dad best?

a) Appreciates the finer things in life

b) Fun-loving, always up for a challenge

c) Sweet, laid back and relaxed

And the result is...

Mainly As: Papa’s Antipasti Gift Box

The perfect present for discerning dads – an exquisite bottle of La Chiamata Montepulciano d’Abruzzo to compliment King Peter Air Dried Ham and Salami from Tempus Charcuterie, Mastrocesare Classic Grissini, De Carlo Artichokes and De Carlo Tomatoes.

Mainly Bs: Hot Chilli Dad Gift Box

For dads with attitude – this hamper is hot! Achari Spiced Salami and Spiced Coppa from Tempus Charcuterie with Casa Firelli Original Hot Sauce, Sacla’ Fiery Chilli Pesto and crunchy Black Pepper Taralli from Danielli

Mainly Cs: Coco-Vino Gift Box

Go traditional with this perfect pairing of Collezione di Paolo Chianti red wine and Confezione Cremini Assortiti chocolates. To be shared, or not.

Create your own Father’s Day Gifts! Discover the very best Italian produce from pasta to oils, Bellini to biscotti, antipasti to chocolates and create your very own personal Father’s Day hamper, delivered to your door.