Cicchetti (pronounced chi-ket-tee) are little dishes or snacks served in the bars and busy restaurants in and around Venice, typically, which seem to have set quite a trend for informal grazing and sharing here in the UK. San Carlo Cicchetti restaurants are the closest we will get to this Venetian experience with sophisticated and relaxing restaurants in London and Manchester (not to mention Qatar and Bangkok!). They use the best ingredients and serve delicious food all day long – look out for chestnuts, pumpkin and prized white truffles at this time of year. If you would like to create some Cicchetti of your own, click the images below to try some Sacla’ favourites.

Quick pesto pizza, Truffle pesto shortbread, Mozzarella pesto bites

Quick Pesto Pizza Cicchetti  Truffle Pesto Shortbread Cicchetti  Mozzarella Pesto Bites Cicchetti