Beekeepers since 1948, the Brezzo family know a thing or two about honey. They know, for instance, that good honey comes from happy bees, and the fruits and flowers of the Italian countryside make some of the happiest bees in the world. And they know that their job, once their bees have finished working, is to get the honey to you without anything added or taken away - just as nature intended.

They travel the length and breadth of Italy with their bees in tow to find only the best pollen and nectar, so each honey has a slightly different flavour. The bees feed on different flowers, capturing their essence to create something familiar and yet completely distinct. Try Rhododendron honey for something surprisingly sweet, or Orange honey for a burst of citrus flavour.

There is a reason that the Brezzo family has become famous for their honey. Whether you're adding it to your baking, putting some in your tea, or spreading on buttered fresh bread or toast, their dedication to their craft and to keeping the bees happy means you can taste the sweet, natural goodness in every drop.