Panettone is truly treasured by Italians far and wide. From Christmas Eve onwards, it’s placed proudly on the table and shared by all. Some dunk it in a frothy cappuccino for Christmas morning breakfast, and others enjoy a soft, sweet slice with a sparkling spumante.

To offer the best of the best, we relentlessly searched the country. And, just when we thought our journey was over, we heard about two special bakeries on the Amalfi Coast - De Vivo in Pompei and Sal de Riso in Minori, both taking their inspiration from the classic recipes of Milan and adding exciting new twists.

Baked with five-star ingredients

Come to us for your classic panettone and we promise you won’t be disappointed. It’s exactly how it should be – fantastically fragrant and laden with candied fruit. You can choose from a variety of sizes, from 500g to a whopping 5kg cake, perfect for a family gathering.

And there’s more. Try zesty limoncello, sweet apricot and boozy whiskey cream. Or, if you prefer something savoury, panettone made with Provolone del Monaco cheese is perfect for toasting and sandwiches. But the real star is our dazzling gold panettone – probably the most expensive panettone money can buy, and the perfect centrepiece for a very special occasion.

While panettone is sensational simply sliced, why not get creative in the kitchen too? Bake a panettone and butter pudding, serve toasted with butter and jam, create a marvellous panettone trifle.