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Amaretto Mocktail Drinking Vinegar 250ml by Mussini


All the almond flavours with a subtle sweet and sour taste, this non-alcoholic drinking vinegar can be mixed with apple juice and sparkling water for a long, refreshing drink. If you fancy a cocktail, it’s fab mixed with Vodka! And, for a culinary creation, it’s lovely with a fruit salad, really. Best to add a couple of amaretti biscuits on the side to soak up the juices!

Ingredients & Nutrition

Ingredients: Concentrated grape must, wine vinegar (SULPHITES) amaretto dressing 30% (glucose/fructose syrup, amaretto flavouring), cooked grape must.

Nutrition per 100ml: Energy 951 kJ/224 Kcal, Fat <0.5g, of which Saturates 0g, Carbohydrate 53g, of which Sugars: 53g, Protein <0.5g, Salt 0.06g

More Details

Suitability: Suitable for vegetarians, vegans & Celiacs. 

Quantity: 250ml е

Storage: Store in a cool dry place.

Supplier address: Mussini srl v.Cabassi, 1 – 41043 Formigine (MO) Italy