Is Pesto good for kids?

Is Pesto good for kids?

When it comes to food, we know Italians do it best. So it’s not surprising that one of the most popular dinner requests, from toddlers to teens, is Pesto pasta! So why do children love Pesto so much? And is Pesto good for kids?

Is Pesto nutritious?

Let’s start with the goodness. A good quality Classic Basil Pesto made with fresh basil, parmesan cheese, cashew nuts, pine nuts and extra virgin olive oil has a wide range of vitamins and minerals plus healthier fats. Stirred into freshly cooked al dente pasta and some veggies, it provides a balanced tasty dinner for kids – and peace of mind for you.

The original fast food

Did you know Classic Basil Pesto is the second most popular sauce in the world? Its origin goes way back. Sources believe it started back in Roman times when garlic and spices were used to preserve meat and fish. And then locally grown basil was added for flavour and ta-da Pesto was born.  Although it can be blitzed together in your own kitchen, why bother? Italian-made Basil Pesto always tastes best, using ingredients grown and produced locally.

When you’re looking for a speedy supper solution, the combination of natural ingredients and lip-smacking flavours makes it a great choice for kids. Dinner’s ready in the time it takes to cook your pasta. So if you’re working late with hungry mouths to feed, or dashing to take the kids to football training and need an energy boost pronto, Pesto always hits the mark.

Empty plates guaranteed

Nothing gets kids around the table faster than the call of ‘Pesto pasta’s ready!’ And there’s nothing nicer for the chef than hearing spoons scooping up the last batons of basil-laced pasta from the plate. It’s so satisfying knowing, when Pesto’s on the menu, your efforts are appreciated.

First steps…

Classic Basil Pesto is suitable for toddlers onwards (check for any allergies) and toddling is the perfect developmental stage for introducing new tastes and textures. You might be surprised how quickly their tastebuds adapt from the relative blandness of milk and veggie purees to punchy flavours of herbs, garlic and cheese!

…then get adventurous

Pesto simply stirred through fresh pasta is as quick and easy as it gets but as kids (and you) get more adventurous, Pesto is a great base for loads more child-friendly recipes.

- Add slices of grilled chicken or flaked heart-healthy baked salmon with steamed broccoli to Pesto-coated pasta

- Fry with bacon, button mushrooms and cream and toss through tagliatelle

- Spoon dollops on the top of pizza for added pizzazz

- Make your own Pesto and garlic bread, by spooning it over ciabatta

      Turn up the heat with fiery Chilli Pesto, stir up Sun-Dried Tomato Pesto or toss through Sicilian-inspired Aubergine and Garlic Pesto. And there are vegan Pesto varieties too.

      The next generation of Pesto lovers

      Cooking is one of the best life skills and Pesto is a great place to start. Get the kids involved early and soon you’ll have towering teens making their own pasta dinners to impress their friends. And when it’s time for them to fly the nest? Pesto is the perfect gift of quick, simple dinners and those warm, comforting flavours, just like Mama used to make.