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Antica Amaretteria

Italy's almond-based delicacies are heaven for us sweet-toothed, so uniquely pleasurable are their flavours and textures. And when it comes to artisan almond alchemy, there's no finer expression than Amaretti di Mombaruzzo, those soft-centred, fragrantly scented biscuits from Piedmont.

Our favourite producer is Antica Amaretteria, an artisan bakery run by two biscuit virtuoso couples: Massimiliano Pesce and Laura Anerdi, plus Luigi Vicenzi and Marina Bertalero. They make their beautiful biscuits (though 'biscuit' never seems quite the right word for soft amaretti; 'macaroons' is more apt) solely by hand at their small bakery on the outskirts of Asti, right in the heart of our beloved region of Piedmont.

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