Piedmonte Festivals

If you are travelling to our home region of Piedmonte this September, there are some wonderful food and drink celebrations to experience. First visit the Festival della Sagre, a unique celebration of the local customs and traditions of country life.  Watch the extravagant processions and then enjoy the fun and food of Italy’s largest open air restaurant, seeing typical Piedmontese cuisine. Then visit the Douja d’Or Wine Festival – the “douja” is the ancient terracotta jug used to decant, store and serve wine so this is a celebration of the Golden Jug.  Try local Asti Spumante (it’s quite delicious!), Moscato and Barbera. And, of course don’t miss the “other” Palio of Italy, the Palio di Asti on Sunday, 18 September.  It’s a horse race that’s taken place in the centre of Asti since 1280 AD. Visit www.doujador.it for more delicious detail.