Hurrah for the Basil Season

type:Italian Know-how

This is an exciting and important time of year for us – it’s Pesto season and the basil harvest for this delicious sauce is in full swing.

At first light this morning we joined our farmers as they cut the strong green plants and their intense perfume was heavy in the fresh air. A tractor with multiple shears made its way up and down the rows and rows of basil which had been planted 8 weeks earlier, efficient in its work. We watched the fresh leaves tumble into crates ahead of their journey to our giant kitchens in Asti where, within the day, they will be transformed into Pesto.

Before we shared that journey we eagerly feasted on a breakfast of Focaccia, Stracchino and Pesto (of course) with the family who have been growing and tending to our basil for over 25 years. We buy over 1000 tonnes from them every season and about 100 leaves of fresh basil go into making every jar of Sacla’ Pesto. That’s a story for another day though...