That's Amore!

type:Italian Know-how

We Italians are in love with love, so much so that 14th February, Valentine’s Day, is the most popular day in the year to become engaged. Romance is in the air and in Italy it’s expressed through our food, language, films, books and music. So it’s no surprise that there’s a week-long festival to celebrate Valentine’s Day named 'Innamorati a Camogli' (Lovers in Camogli); the city of Verona famous for the most famous of love stories, Romeo and Juliet, hosts a minute long kiss during its ‘Verona in Love’ festival; and sweethearts the length and breadth of Italy will share chocolates, roses and biscotti to celebrate their love. So celebrate this year in Italian style with our very special recipe for Pesto and Tomato Heart-shaped Tarts - click the image below for the recipe. Tomato, Pesto & Mascarpone Valentine Tarts