Holidays in Vulcanello

type:Italian Know-how

Italy inspires our daily work in very many ways, and our team here in the UK love to travel and explore this beautiful country. Here, our NPD & Technical Controller shares detail of her wonderful holiday in the Aeolian islands. "This September, after many years, I went back to the island of Vulcano, one of the 7 volcanic Aeolian Islands off the North-East coast of Sicily. As I wanted this trip to be a treat for my husband and 2 year old son I booked the Therasia Resort & Spa, a hotel on the water’s edge of  Vulcanello with the most amazing view of the Aeolian islands archipelago. We were spoiled with stunning views and dramatic sunsets from the magnificent terrace and infinity pool. In the evening we listened to live jazz whilst relaxing under the starry sky, and in the morning we had Sicilian granita with brioche (a frozen dessert similar to a sorbet, but the texture of granita is coarser and flakier - like eating snow!) and... a glass of delicious Prosecco! We loved every minute of our stay. The hotel has 3 restaurants and their motto is “Cuisine is not just eating. It is much, much more. Cuisine is poetry”. This says it all about what Sicilian people think of their food. We ate vegetables from the plains of Catania, cheese from Siracusa, fresh fish from the Aeolian Islands, tender meat from the Nebrodi mountains, the green gold of Bronte (Sicilian pistachio) and chocolate with chilli from Modica. The most memorable dishes were the black seafood risotto and carbonara of “franceschini” (baby calamari!!) at the Approdo restaurant in Vulcano town. Black Seafood Risotto, Aeolian Island Cuisine We went for a day trip to Lipari and Salina and I would recommend trying the “pane cunsatu” in Salina at the Alfredo restaurant in the village of Lingua. “Pane cunsatu” is a dish of freshly baked local bread with fresh tomatoes, capers, tuna, olive and oregano. Pane Cunsatu, Aeolian Island Cuisine Also not to miss is the granita of ‘fichi d’india’ at the Subba bar in Lipari town; you can only find this delicious dessert in Sicily and nowhere else in Italy! fichi d’india Granita, Aeolian Island Cuisine We are now back at home but I have already booked the Therasia Resort for next Summer!"