Be you a successful student about to head off to university, a proud parent waving off your little darling until Christmas, or know someone about to flee the nest, it can be a daunting time for everyone.


Pesto is a store cupboard essential for students, so for one less thing to worry about, we’ve put together a Student Survival Kit for foolproof, delicious and nutritious meals. A pan, some pasta and plenty of Pesto, along with some all-essential tea towels and a helpful of Pesto cook book, this kit will add some Italian style to kitchens all over the country.

This will consist of: A pasta pan, 3 jars Sacla’ Pesto (Basil, Sun-Dried Tomato, ‘Nduja), 2 bags Grafalo pasta, 1 bag crostini, 3 tea-towels, La Famiglia: The Family Book of Pesto, Coin key ring, Set of Straws, Set of Postcards.

I want one!