Whole Cherry Tomato & ChilliPasta Sauce

Rich and super spicy

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This is the closest to a homemade tomato sauce we can get – the freshest ingredients, prepared in season with a handful of whole cherry tomatoes thrown in: yes, WHOLE!

It’s super hot and made with chopped and whole vine-ripened Tomatoes, and a generous helping of chilli peppers, because we all love a fiery kick once in a while.

How to use

Simply stir the sauce into a pan of cooked pasta, let it sizzle for a bit and serve with generous amounts of fresh Parmesan.


Vine-ripened Tomato (Diced Tomato, Tomato Juice, Tomato Paste) , Cherry Tomatoes (16%), Soffrito (12%) (Onion, Carrot, Water, Garlic, Celery,Extra Virgin Olive Oil), Sunflower Seed Oil, Fructose, Chilli Pepper, Sea Salt, Modified Maize Starch, Parsley,  Acidity Regulator: Lactic Acid.


Nutrition per 100g: Energy 610kJ/147kcal, Fat 11.5g (of which Saturates 1.4g), Carbohydrate 8.5g (of which Sugars 5.2g), Fibre 1.4g,Protein 1.7g, Salt 1.0g

Dietary Information

Contains: Celery, Garlic, Onion and Chilli Pepper (We use nuts in our factory)

No added: MSG, GMO, Preservatives,Wheat, Gluten, Dairy and Egg

Suitable for: Vegetarians and Vegans

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