Classica Coffee Beans 250g by Nannini

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If you're a purist and love to grind your own beans, these are full bodied and strong, perfect for the first espresso of the day. 

There's always so much tradition in an Italian cup of coffee and such passion, none more so than in Nannini Caffé. It was a century ago that Guido Nannini started his family business in beautiful Siena and today the very best way to try their famous coffee is the bar in one of their cafes. We've put together a selection of our favourites for you to enjoy at home. 

The best before date of this product is 12/07/2022.

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Net Quantity: 250g е

Storage Instructions: Store in a cool and dry place.

Supplier Address: Dolci Nannini Siena Srl – Strada Massetana Romana, 44-53100 Siena


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