We’ve been making real Italian food with care, flair and love for more than three generations now.
We’re still owned and run by the same family, and few things matter more to us than the values that
are at the heart of the business.
Of course, we treasure our past, but our focus is firmly on the future.
It has to be.
Because we are determined to leave the world in a better shape than we found it.
And positively transform the food lives of future generations.


We have a firm eye on the
future and so we’re working
hard to make our activities
as sustainable as we can.
To protect the land which has
given us so much.

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It’s a long held belief of ours that
it’s better together, and the
people in our business are like
one big extended family.
We celebrate diversity and
inclusion so that there’s a true
feeling of belonging.
And then everyone can be
comfortable to be their very best
Whilst we nourish, so we all

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& wellbeing

The Mediterranean diet is the
healthiest in the world.
And we know a thing or two about
how nourishing it is in every way.
Simply put, we are what we eat and
so we share our knowledge and
experience whenever and as best
we can.

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a final word

We make all our products in Italy on lines powered by the Italian sunshine. We think it’s
important to understand where our food comes from.
And to remember that food grown respecting the rhythm of the seasons is usually more
nutritious… and better tasting.
It’s all about getting the most out of our food and making a difference.