A business with a heart

As a part of our everyday work we want to be a positive force for good, one that brings real benefits. We celebrate and champion real food by using generations of expertise and resource to make sure that future generations can continue to share in the delights of great Italian produce

Being green

We believe very strongly that “green” is good for business.

When it comes to climate change, we believe we need to be the solution, so we’re taking 5 simple and practical steps to do something about it:

  1. We have reduced the amount of Carbon Dioxide we produce by using renewable sources of energy and have fitted solar panels on the roof of our factory and warehouse.
  2. We are reducing the quantity of waste by reducing and recycling it.
  3. We have reduced the environmental impact of our packaging, by shrinking the size of our labels and trays and making sure everything is fully recyclable where possible.
  4. We use Italian ingredients from Italian suppliers wherever possible – reducing the amount they travel from field to fork and from plough to plate. Naturally, we will always try and buy in season.
  5. We have implemented various ethical trading initiatives with companies in developing countries, such as Trame Africane.

Supporting the local community

For us, it’s important to working closely with the local community around us in Asti, supporting local nursing homes with donations and helping young people with disabilities to develop and find their independence.

One example is that some of our basil for Sacla’ Pesto is bought from “Il Bettolino”, a local co-operative run by young people with disabilities.