We’re a team of over twenty people who work together in our offices in Beaconsfield. Of course, the bigger team are based in Italy, where all our products are made.

Every team member has a pioneering and entrepreneurial spirit and is encouraged to speak their mind freely to make the business work and grow at pace. We each have a strong voice with direction and a sense of purpose so that we are great ambassadors and evangelists.

Clare Blampied, our MD is the original “Pesto Pioneer”, credited with bringing Pesto to Britain. Suzanna Duke supports her in Sales, Clare Wood in Marketing and Allison Harper in all matters financial.


We are like one big family. A happy family, and there’s a bond between us, the sort you see in the families that have a closeness, understanding and confidence in each other. We really value the trust and transparency this sense of belonging brings.

We have a shared set of values and beliefs: that food is joy, Italians do it best and it’s better together. They guide us and, combined with good judgement and our policies framework, shape our behaviours.

We eat together, have fun together and, when the pressure is on, we work hard together. In all this, we emphasise integrity and inclusivity in a celebratory environment. Diversity and equality are applauded and fairness is crucial, along with a limitless respect for each other, our company, our customers and consumers.

Food is at the heart of what we do and we all love food – cooking it, tasting it and sharing it. It gives great joy and, of course, it nourishes. So that’s what we do within our business. When it comes to the team, we nourish so that everyone can flourish.