A family company built on family values

Our story begins 80 years ago in Piedmont, the gastronomic heart and garden of Northern Italy. Inspired by the bounty of amazing vegetables, fruits & herbs growing on their doorstep, our founding grandparents – Secondo and Piera Ercole – were determined to share them with the world. From humble beginnings in vegetable canning, we’ve always been devoted to creating authentic Italian products, made with the freshest ingredients, respecting the rhythm of the seasons and using local ingredients wherever we can.

Since 1939, each generation of our family has built on the company’s spirit of creativity, ingenuity and passion.

This family passion is everything that’s at the heart of our philosophy and culture. Family is so important to us, as Lorenzo, son of Secondo and Piera Ercole suggests. “The nucleus of Italian society is the family – the family unit is what created Italy. For us, the sense of family within the business creates a passion, endurance, a feeling of belonging, drive and energy.”

It’s one of the reasons Sacla’ is still very much the same family business today. “My father and I try to continue our grandparents legacy” notes Chiara. “One day, I will be in charge of the family business that was started by them 80 years ago; but for now, my father Lorenzo will continue as the Sacla’ mastermind. He is now 76 years old – but appropriately, considering the company business – he is extremely well preserved!

Life around the dinner table

Italian food is a way of life for us. We love nothing more than sitting around the table with our friends and family, discussing the day’s events and sharing plates of fresh, home-cooked Italian food.

Italian food is warm, inclusive, generous nurturing and often joyously messy” says Jacob Kenedy, chef-proprietor of Bocca di Lopo in Soho, and that is everything we want for you.

We are on a mission to transform your food life, from the busy supermarket trip to the satisfied faces around your dinner table.

From our latest Pesto to rich Pasta sauces, and juicy Antipasti – our products will bring the taste of Italy to your kitchen and table. Similarly, our wonderful recipes, that have passed down through generations, will help provide the inspiration for you to create your own Italian classics at home.

Whatever you do, experiment and enjoy – especially in the kitchen and at the table with your friends and family, just as we’ve done for three generations.

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