A delicious sauce, drizzle of dressing, or dollop of Pesto can transform any dish. Now we’ve created a whole host of vegan versions, so even plant-based foodies can add authentic flavour to their favourite meals.

We’re on a mission to help as many people experience the joy of Italian food as possible. We’re thrilled we’ve been able to capture the essence of Italy without eggs, dairy, meat or fish in sight.

Get creative in the kitchen

From Caesar dressing and salad cream, to Supergreen Sauce and Free From Pesto, our vegan recipes give you the chance to create the classics you love – and experiment with something new.

When you fancy the ultimate vegan comfort food, our Vegan Ch**se Sauce makes a marvellous mac ‘n’ cheese. Or, if you want a light lunch, our Vegan Garlic Mayonnaise dolloped in a sandwich is sensational.

Feeding foodie friends? They won’t stop talking about your tasty your Sacla’ lasagne, even if they’re not vegan. It’s all down to the creaminess we create with soya for our Vegan White Sauce, and the meaty texture of pea protein in our Vegan Bolognese.

We’re still exploring how other Italian classics can be made with plant power, so keep your eyes peeled for new recipes and ideas.