Diana knows a thing or two about tomatoes. The third generation in a line of tomato growers she's been immersed in their natural goodness from a very young age. With inspiration from her Aunt Laura, she began experimenting with recipes that have been in the family for decades, combining her curious and adventurous spirit with age-old flavours and techniques.

So, setting up Italianvera seemed a natural step. For Diana, it wasn't enough to just keep experimenting. She wanted to make sure that anyone, anywhere in the world, could experience mouth-watering flavours of her home and her childhood. Starting at home, it quickly expanded, and developed a reputation for capturing the true essence of Italian cooking in everything it offered. So, it's no surprise the company has won multiple awards too.

And her tomatoes look as goof as they taste. She's worked with Italian artists to ensure her cans and bottles capture everything she loves about her produce. Their vibrant colour, fragrant smell, and their fresh, sweet taste. Which means they'll be as welcome on your kitchen shelf as they will be in any truly Italian recipes you're cooking up.