Across Italy, pasta sauce recipes have been practised, perfected and passed down through generations. To bring the very best flavours to your fork, we’ve taken inspiration from the different regions and unveiled some closely guarded family secrets.

It’s never been easier to experiment with so many authentic flavour combinations. Whether you’re looking for something creamy or something spicy, you’ll find a sauce in our range that will surely become a family favourite.

A Sauce for Every Occasion

We create recipes using typical Italian ingredients like juicy olives, spicy ‘nduja and creamy burrata. From our Whole Cherry Tomato range to stir-though Intenso sauces, we believe there’s something for everyone.

Even after 80 years, we’re still brimming with ideas. There’s always something new from our kitchens in Asti – that’s why we’re well known for our pioneering spirit!