What’s the tastiest way to look after yourself and live longer? We think it’s the Mediterranean diet. A great Pesto is an obvious choice to flavour fish, vegetables and whole grains, Italian style. To make it even easier to eat mindfully, we’ve reduced the calories of our classic recipe for our Reduced Fat Pesto varieties.

You’ll see there isn’t any added sugar or salt, and we’ve cut back on ingredients like oil. But it’s not just about what we take out, it’s what we put back in. We think tofu is a brilliant ingredient swap. Not only does it add a silky-smooth texture, it’s a fantastic source of protein, iron and calcium.

Pick your favourite

Which recipe will be your favourite – tasty tomato or brilliant basil? Whichever one tantalises your taste buds, you’ll be able to create wholesome lunches and dinners with reduced fat, from pizza and pasta, to superfood soups and salads.

As Pesto Pioneers, we’re always experimenting in the kitchen with authentic flavours and ingredients. Watch this space for our latest Italian creations and reduced fat recipes.


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