“We must always remember that fruit is a living product. If we handle it with care, the result will be even more satisfying” so say the Barbieri family. 

That’s probably why their jams have gained such a reputation over the years. It’s not just that they live and work in Voghera – the spiritual home of Mostarda, an Italian delicacy made with candied fruits and spices. It’s not just that they carefully oversee every step of the process, from the selection of the produce to the packing of their jams by hand. It’s not even that their farm is nestled in the hills of Lombardy, where you’ll find some of the ripest, juiciest, sweetest fruit in all of Italy.

It’s simply that when Bruno Barbieri opened the first factory in 1977, he declared his belief, and the family have lived and breathed it ever since. From generation to generation, the Barbieri family has passed down this attitude of respect and care for their ingredients to create jams that don’t add anything or take anything away. They simply preserve some of the finest flavours of the Italian countryside, so you can enjoy them without even stepping outside.