White Truffle Flavoured Olive Oil in Box 100ml by Inaudi


White truffles are a true delicacy and here they are used to impart their robust pungent flavour to olive oil. Add to risotto, pasta, eggs and salads just as you are ready to serve.

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Porcini Mushroom Olive Oil in Box 100ml by Inaudi


Olive oil enriched with porcini mushrooms is such a versatile ingredient to enhance your favourite Italian foods, from pasta to risotto and salads to eggs. Presented with a pretty little box, this is a perfect little gift.

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Cheese Lovers Gift Box by Inaudi


Pimp your cheese board in a flash with this trio of Italian accompaniments and let it feature large at your next gathering of friends and family.  This box includes a jar of honey extravagantly infused with truffles, truffle infused balsamic vinegar and a jar of honey mixed with fiery chilli peppers - a unique and fabulous sweet-hot combination! 

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Garlic Lovers Gift Box by Inaudi


Aglio is the Italian word for garlic and it's used in abundance in this presentation box.  The garlic cream is made with fresh Italian garlic and a secret family recipe! Perfect for bruschetta, crostini, pizza, pasta, soups ... wherever garlic is called for really!  Agliolino is a special combination of fresh Italian garlic, chilli peppers and olive oil. Just stir through spaghetti for the quickest, tastiest version of the traditional Italian dish "aglio, olio, peperoncini".

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Di Martino Spaghetti with Dolce & Gabanna wrapping 1kg


Name a more iconic duo! Go-on, we'll wait. Easily the most well-known of pasta shapes, it's first recorded usage was as far back as 1846, in a dictionary of domestic life from Tuscany. Which is just about as long as the Di Martino family has been making it. With over 150 years of experience behind them, this is a perfect example of pasta, the way it's meant to be made. Combine it with the ultimate name in Italian luxury design and feast your eyes and your stomach in truly, madly, deeply Italian fashion.

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