Classic Milanese Panettone Magnum 3kg by Sal De Riso


Love panettone and can’t get enough? We’ve got the answer. Introducing the up-sized cake, three times the weight and size of the usual classic. Still made by the award-winning Salvatore De Riso, using the finest ingredients, including candied fruit from the Amalfi Coast, this Classic Panettone will spread a lot of joy this Christmas. You might be feeding your friends, or welcoming a large family. However you use it, this extra large panettone cake from the Sal De Riso bakery is a real crowd pleaser.The 3kg panettone is available to pre-order after 1st November and will be delivered by Christmas.

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Traditional Panettone 1kg by De Vivo


If you need help planning the perfect Christmas, or are in search of a delicious gift, then this Traditional Panettone is just for you. Fragrant, moist and delicious. Simply cut De Vivo's Traditional Panettone into generous pieces and dunk in cappuccino. And enjoy with a glass of something cold and sparkling - typically moscato.

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Torrone - Italian Nougat block 250g by D. Barbero


This chunky cube of Italy’s finest hazelnut torrone nougat has been made the old-fashioned way. Just like the family-run D. Barbero has done for generations. That's with egg whites, honey and local roasted hazelnuts, all stirred in a big copper mixing bowl before being rolled and shaped on cold marble tables.

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Classic Milanese Panettone Magnum 5kg by Sal De Riso


We believe this is the largest panettone you can buy this Christmas - it's a whopping 5kg. So, if you’re feeding a crowd, look no further. We love De Riso’s Classic Panettone dunked in Cappuccino. And with a glass of Moscato. And to replace bread in panettone and butter pudding. And toasted. As you can tell, we really love panettone.What a good job then that the maestro, Salvatore De Riso, has created this giant panettone in his bakery on the Amalfi Coast.It’s available to pre-order from 1st November for delivery before Christmas, freshly made for you, and just a few others!

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Deluxe Selection of Balsamic Vinegar of Modena 3 x 100ml by Manicardi


Manicardi’s Balsamic Vinegar Deluxe Selection contains three different densities of their traditional balsamic vinegar, packaged in three unique bottles. It makes a great gift that has all sorts of uses – use the thinnest in cooking, and the thicker drizzled over cheeses, or even served with fruit or ice cream.

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