Pasta Lovers Gift Box


Great-quality pasta means a great quality dish. The shape, the ingredients, even down to the added flavours that make that pasta perfect for a special meal. In this hamper, you’ll find some top-quality pasta along with some of our favourite sauces, so the Italian-lover in your life can make a meal they love at the drop of a hat. This expertly created assortment includes:  1 x Sacla' Truffle Pesto 90g 1 x Sacla' 'Nduja Pesto 90g 1 x Sacla' Patterned Tea Towel  1 x Sugo Finto Pasta Sauce 500g by Rustichella  1 x Le Rustichella Egg Pasta 500g by Rustichella  1 x Single Variety Moraiolo Extra Virgin Olive Oil 750ml by Ranieri     

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Truffle Lovers Gift Box


Almost anything can be improved with a touch of truffle – and this decadent hamper proves it. Always handpicked – they’re almost impossible to farm – finding truffles requires a lot of hard work and dedication. But from our very own truffle pesto to Pasta di Aldo’s truffle-infused tagliatelle, the rich, earthy flavour makes it undoubtedly worth it. This flavourful bundle includes: 1 x Sacla' Truffle Pesto  1 x Black Truffle Flavoured Olive Oil 100ml by Inaudi  1 x Black Truffle and Mushroom Sauce 180g by Inaudi  1 x Truffle Tagliatelle 1kg by Pasta Di Aldo 

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Antipasti Gift Box


If you know someone who loves to prepare real Italian meals, this antipasti hamper could make a perfect Christmas gift! Full to the brim with all of our favourites, including cured meats from Tempus, our very own roasted tomatoes, and of course, some top-quality olive oil. This lovingly crafted hamper contains: 1 x Antipasti Platter  1 x Single Variety Leccino Extra Virgin Olive Oil 750ml by Ranieri  1 x Balsamic Vinegar of Modena Gold Cask 250ml by Manicardi

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Olive Oil Gift Box


It may seem like a small detail, but any Italian-food lover will tell you that finding the right Olive Oil is an essential starting point for any dish. We’ve put together a selection of some of the absolute best Olive Oil on offer – which should keep that Italian food lover happy, at least for a month or two! This delicately selected collection includes: 1 x Single Variety Frantoio Extra Virgin Olive Oil 750ml by Ranieri 1 x Single Variety Leccino Extra Virgin Olive Oil 750ml by Ranieri  1 x Single Variety Moraiolo Extra Virgin Olive Oil 750ml by Ranieri  1 x Small Bowl 12cm by Sol'Art with Red Ring 

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Perfect Pasta Gift Box


What good is a truly authentic Italian dish without someone else to share it? This gift set is ideal for anyone who loves to share their passion for all things Italian – with a lovingly hand-painted bowl by Sol’Art, straight from the Amalfi Coast, that’s large enough to make sure the whole family gets fed. This delicately crafted hamper includes: 1 x Egg Tagliatelle 1kg by Pasta Di Aldo  1 x 2019 Olio Novello 750ml by Ranieri  1 x Large Bowl 34cm by Sol'Art 

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Trio of Candles Gift Set


Our friend Aldo Zilli has taken all the mouth-watering smells of a truly, madly, deeply Italian kitchen and expertly blended them into these scented candles. Because let's face it, you can't be cooking all the time. So for those who can’t get enough of those Mediterranean scents, this candle selection does the hard work for you. This hand-crafted bundle includes: 1 x Basil Candle 30cl by Casa Zilli  1 x Rosemary Candle 30cl by Casa Zilli 1 x Tomato Candle 30cl by Casa Zilli   

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Anchovy Gift Set


We’ve tracked down an exclusive, carefully hand-crafted Anchovy dish from Sol’Art to bring the Amalfi coast right into your home this winter. Pair that with the luxury of anchovy fillets marinated in truffle oil, and you might just start to feel the pristine white sand of those Italian beaches in between your toes. This luxury gift-selection contains: 1 x Anchovy Fillets with Truffle 190g by Inaudi  1 x Anchovy Dish 14cm by Sol'Art (in an assortment of colours) 

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Antipasti Platter


With award winning charcuterie, inspired by Italy and made in the UK by Masterchef’s Dhruv Baker and Tom Whitaker, and a collection of jars of antipasti including marinated artichokes, oven roasted tomatoes and olives, you can put the most delicious antipasti on the table in no time at all. These large green olives known as Bella di Cerignola, come from Cerignola in Puglia and being plump and bright green in colour, are named for their beauty. Our tender artichokes are also indespensible on an antipasti platter and are picked at their peak in the late spring months, just as our sun-ripened vine tomatoes are chosen at the height of the summer season and are then carefully peeled back before being roasted in the oven to dry them a little and bake in all the sweetness.  Add your favourite cheese, fresh focaccia, ciabatta bread and a bowl of dipping oil and balsamic vinegar to conjure up a feast that everyone will love and enjoy together.

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Black Truffle Flavoured Olive Oil in Box 100ml by Inaudi


This dressing of olive oil and black truffle, in it's little presentation box, makes a perfect gift. Delicious drizzled over pasta, risotto, salads and beef carpaccio just before serving.

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Basil, Garlic and Chilli Oil Gift Set 250ml x 3 by Tenuta Venterra


In the UK, infused olive oils are rarely seen outside the ubiquitous drizzle on a pizza. We think that’s a real shame. They’re an incredible way to add some extra intense Italianness to any meal.This Olive Oil Gift Set contains three classic Italian flavours in the Italian tricolore. The extra virgin oil from Venterra’s organic olive trees is top-notch and the basil, chilli and garlic add a real twist to salads, meats, fish, bruschetta, pasta, potatoes… you get the idea.

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Classic Milanese Panettone 500g by Sal De Riso

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If you’ve got a perfectly formed but small scale Christmas planned, or are in search of a delicious little gift, then this half-sized panettone is just for you.It’s made with the very best ingredients from the Campania region of Italy, and to the award-winning recipe of Salvatore De Riso in his kitchens on the Amalfi Coast.

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Roccoco' Biscuits 400g by Sal De Riso


Move over Cantuccini, here comes the Neopolitan favourite! De Riso Roccoco’ Biscuits are made with almonds and festive spices including nutmeg, cinnamon and cloves. The ring-shaped biscuits are lovingly made in a small bakery on the Amalfi Coast by master baker Salvatore De Riso.We fondly remember how popular it was to dip the traditional Tuscani Cantuccini biscuits in sweet Vin Santo to round off a perfect meal. They’re hard, made for dunking in coffee - or wine if you prefer. We love them dipped in red wine after cheese or dessert, held just long enough for them to soften completely.

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