When you hear the word ‘classic’, what springs to mind? For us, it’s quality and greatness. That’s why every recipe in our classic range is inspired by very best Italian food, and features top Italian ingredients. To create our Classic Pesto, we take inspiration from different regions across our homeland, from coast to country.

For classics to shine, top quality ingredients are a must – whether that’s a specific variety of red pepper, the juiciest olives from ancient branches, or basil grown in the perfect Italian location.

The joy of intense flavours

Want to try something different? We recommend Char-grilled Aubergine. Like to add heat? ’Nduja, an Italian spicy sausage, will tingle your taste buds. Looking for something richer? Spread Black Olive on fish.

It all started with No.1 Classic Basil, but as Pesto Pioneers our mission has always been to bring new flavours to your fork. So keep your eyes peeled for new creations!