Salvatore De Riso is famous across Italy for his Christmas Panettone, and recently worked with his team of master bakers on the Amalfi coast to magic up something even more special. This collection of cakes and pastries have been specifically selected, and represent the best of traditional Italian baking to enjoy all ear round. So you don't need to wait for the festive season to treat yourself!

More than that, Salvatore takes pride in his creativity. His bakery is a space to combine his decades of experience making traditional Italian desserts with flare, surprise and a little bit of intrigue. From Panzzuppato made with Grand Marnier to Pan con Zenzero, a small loaf cake with fresh crystallised ginger, everything is expertly crafted and perfectly balances age-old traditions with exciting newness. 

It goes without saying that these cakes are ideal for birthdays, anniversaries and any other celebration. Our advice though? Don't wait around. They're just as impressive to finish off any special meal with family and friends.