The beauty of traditional biscuits is the versatility. We have travelled the length and breadth of Italy to find the best selection – whether it’s a marvellous match for dipping in sweet dessert wine as the night comes to a close, or a tea-time treat.

Antica Amaretteria have over 80 years of experience combined in making their truly unique Amaretti di Mombaruzzo – a special type of amaretti that comes from Piedmont, just like us. The result is the Antica Amaretteria range, made using the finest raw ingredients, centuries-old techniques, and an attention to quality that comes from handcrafted precision, to create biscuits that are unrivalled across the world. Nibble after dinner with coffee, or sandwich together with great vanilla ice cream.


Try dunking Cantuccini by Dolce Amari in a good strong coffee. This is the most traditional of their creations – a light, crunchy, double-cooked biscuit made with authentic Italian almonds. Perfect as an after-dinner snack, to impress any guests – also delicious dipped in a glass of dessert wine.

Our Pistachio, Chocolate, and Hazelnut Cannoli and Coconut Mandorla Biscuits by Dolceria Corallo are some of the finest, most traditional Italian treats. All the way from Sicily, both presented in a clear box and tied off with a beautiful red/green bow, these make the ideal gift for a special person! Perfect enjoyed with coffee at any time of the day.


And last but not least.. our Di Ciaccio biscuit selections include traditional Italian biscuits which are sweet, light, and truly, madly, deeply Italian.


So, which one will become your favourite for family and friends?